lunes, 13 de junio de 2011

Pimp My Wii 2.23

Nueva evrsion de Pimp My Wii, aplicación que permite actualizar la Wii sin pasar por el método oficial de actualización de firmware de Nintendo.

Updated the d2x cIOS from v4 to v6. Brings the support of "IOS Reload" games on WBFS/FAT32/NTFS from USB. You need to use an updated Configurable Usb Loader, Neogamma or Usb Loader GX (and not Wiiflow).
Changed the detection of the wad filename for offline mode, for those titles (you need to use NUSD 1.9) :
Mii Channel : Changed from "Mii Channel-NUS-vX.wad" to "RVL-NigaoeNR-vX.wad"
Weather Channel : Changed from "Weather Channel-NUS-vX.wad" to "RVL-Weather-vX.wad"

The default revision of the destinations' IOS in the menu "Install cIOS" is now :
20/21 for the Waninkoko cIOS
65535 for the Hermes cIOS
21006 for the d2x cIOS

Key pressed by mistake now aren't take in count anymore (example: Double press of the A button).
Added the detection of new cIOS in an advanced mode, using the technique created recently which use a signature file of cIOS. (Same as Modmii).
In the export, name of cIOS are now displayed.
Added an export in text mode (file pimpmywii.txt at the root of the SD/USB), in addition to the CSV file.
Added the displaying of the cIOS installed in the choice of which cIOS to install.
The menu "Infos" is renamed "Export infos".
Changed (temporarely ?) the background to a new made by Wolf13220 (thanks to him).

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